Being manufactured in meticulously designed plant in Dehradun (Uttrakhand) through most advanced international technologies, Alex Aluminum Composite Panels have even surpassed the ASTM Standards of Quality, which is definitely a matter of real pride! The very first stage of the production process is the selection of raw materials through rigorous tests. Firstly, the Plastic Granules are sent for ‘Oven Test’, where the density and strength of the granules (LDPE shape) are accessed. Alongside, is done the checking of Aluminium Coils in Spectrometer so as to confirm its thickness, coating quality and aluminium grade as per international standards. Now, matching of colors to avoid all possible chances of color variation follows. This stage is completed by testing the Adhesive Film, which is obtained from Resins procured from Dupont, USA, having the thickness of 50- 70 microns.

Once each production material is repeatedly checked and tested to ensure flawless manufacture, the actual process commences. In the beginning, the LDPE and HDPE Granules are mixed in accurate ratio. The mixture is processed in the Dryer and later in the Extruder, where the Granules melt and culminate into PE core. Correct temperature is maintained in the Extruder to give the accurate shine and flow to the PE core.

The tested Adhesive film is now pasted on both sides of the core, and they are forwarded into the Compounding Roll. At a particular high temperature, colored coils are now fixed on both sides of the core, inside the compounding roll. This process assures optimum strength. After the compounding the ‘Quality Inspector’ checks the quality of the ACP sheets being manufactured to assure defect-free production.

This is followed by the Cooling Process and soon after, a Protective film is pasted on the ACP sheets. This film provides is a safeguard against transportation and installation damages. And finally, after satisfactorily passing through different hard tests for ensuring tensile strength, peeling strength and more, the ACP sheets are cut in appropriate required sizes and are dispatched.

Alex uses the world’s renowned ‘Kynar 500’ resins for its exterior grades ensuring durability and no fungal attacks. From the selection of raw materials i.e., the LD and HD Granules to the pasting of adhesive on the PE sheets, each stage of production has stringent Quality Checks to ensure the density, color, strength, thickness, coating quality and aluminum grade. Once the production is complete, a well synchronized dealer network throughout the country delivers the most reliable Alex one’s at your doorstep, literally!


Thickness AL Thickness Coating Width Width Application
4 mm 0.50 mm PVDF 1220 1525 Exterior
4 mm 0.25 mm PVDF 1220 1525 Exterior
3 mm 0.25 mm PVDF 1220 1525 Exterior
2 mm 0.15 mm Polyester 1220 Interior
1 mm 0.10 mm Polyester 1220 Interior